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11th Annual New York’s Funniest Reporter Show!

11th Annual New York’s Funniest Reporter Show! The 2018 New York’s Funniest Reporter show will take place on Sunday, June 10th @ 5:30 pm at Comic Strip Live comedy club (1568 Second Ave / bet 81st & 82nd). It will feature seven media professionals each doing five minutes of stand up comedy in order to […]

5 Tips on Selecting a PR Agency for Your Venue

5 Tips on Choosing a PR Media Company for Your Event Venue There are some risks involved when hiring a PR Media company as  there isn’t always a  guarantee of a return on investment or ROI. Because of this risk, many venues adopt a kind of “DIY” public relations strategy; however, this actually may prove […]

5 Tips on Choosing a PR Media Company for Your Event Venue

  Hiring a PR Media company involves some risk because there is no guarantee of a return on investment. This is one of the reasons many event venues opt to adopt a “Do it Yourself” public relations strategy. However, there are numerous benefits of working with a PR firm. Most event venue professionals do not […]

5 Signs You Need a PR Media Company for Your Law Firm

PR media companies operate as business partners with your law firm to increase your law practice’s visibility and attract clients. An established PR firm can make a significant difference to your bottom line. A public relations media company serves as a liaison with the press and community. Professional publicists can position your attorneys as experts […]

Why Your Legal Practice Should Consider Hiring a PR Media Firm

The days of attorneys being frowned upon for using anything other than a “shingle” on their door for advertisement are far behind us. Reputable attorneys and law firms now consistently publicize their practice and attorneys and with excellent results. There are at least five reasons your legal practice should consider hiring a PR media firm. […]

How a PR Company Can Help Legal Firms by Using Social Media Campaigns

Social media platforms have proven to be excellent methods of developing top-of-mind awareness for many businesses. This form of advertising has also worked well for the legal industry. Many law firms have been “listening” to social media for quite some time, the last five years in particular, but many have been apprehensive about establishing their […]

Social Media and Car Accidents

In today’s society it’s normal to have the most personal information about yourself out in cyberspace. Most people do not think about what they do, who they do it with, and what they put on social media. The information that you post after an accident can absolutely affect the outcome of your claim. Insurance companies […]

Smart Strategy and Devotion to Resolute Cause Propel Goldman McCormick PR’s Campaign to Free Wrongly-Accused Nick Hillary to a Justified Success—and a Bulldog CSR Gold Award

In a statement that day, Nick Hillary said, “This morning I stood at the precipice of either spending the next fifteen years-to-life in prison or finally going home to my family. Goldman McCormick PR is a big reason why I’m going home to my family.” In 2015, New York-based civil law attorneys Mani Tafari and […]

Practice Professionalism Daily

As lawyers, our task in our careers is like second nature: be the best possible advocate for the client.  Many times, in the heat of the battle, you may receive a snarky e-mail or phone call from opposing counsel.  You may receive a threatening letter, that in your mind, crosses the line from business to […]

Meryl Streep Trashes Trump At The Golden Globes – Should Celebrities & Businesses Tout Their Political Viewpoints?

Unless your targeted audience or customer based is endeared to particular set of political values, there’s no reason ever to publicly tout your political perspectives. In the short term, you may experience a feel good ego trip as one or more individuals praise you for expressing values similar to theirs. However, in the long term […]