Should CEO’s Share Their Political & Religious Beliefs On Social Media?

According to a recent Glassdoor poll of over 1,200 employed adults, 57% of workers say they have talked about politics while on the job — despite 60% saying they “believe discussing politics at work is unacceptable.” Overall, 60% of employees said they believe discussing politics at work could negatively impact their career opportunities.

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That being said, should company CEO’s share their political or religious beliefs on Social Media?

Goldman McCormick PR Says
Under no circumstances should high level executives share or promote their political perspectives online. Doing so can risk alienating loyal customers or potential customers who share different perspectives. Our current climate is one where many individuals feel that when someone disagrees with their political points of view – they feel personally attacked.

When a CEO endorses a candidate or political philosophy, they are diminishing the maximum appeal of their company in the marketplace. Also, by becoming politically engaged, both the CEO and the company risk creating enemies (some of whom may have large followings). These individuals could create a series of problems for the business by starting rumors, spreading negative information, and doing a number of things that will force the company and CEO into a defensive position. Also, there will be considerable time and resources lost in dealing with these individuals.

If CEO’s wish to help their favored candidate or political party they should seek to do it discreetly and away from the public eye.

When it come to corporate heads touting their religious beliefs on Social Media, there is a greater chance of it being acceptable (and even embraced) if the company lets the public know that these beliefs are an integral part of their culture. Chick-fil-A, Forever 21, Tom’s of Maine (to name a few) do embrace certain religious ideals. Their customers (regardless of what their spiritual affiliations are) accept this so if a CEO goes on Social Media and presents a perspective already within the acceptable pentameters of the corporate culture, there is not going to be an issue.