Goldman McCormick PR Featured In The New York Post

(Courtesy of the New York Post) If Meghan Markle ever wants to work in Hollywood again, she can’t be “greedy” with her salary demands — one PR guru claims. Ryan McCormick says it would be a “smart career move” for the Duchess of Sussex, 42, to return to the screen four years after fleeing the […]

Ten Ways How Effective PR Can Impact Your Political Campaign

Effective public relations can play a significant role in the success of a political candidate running for office in the United States. A well-crafted PR strategy can help a candidate gain exposure, build credibility, and create a favorable image in the eyes of voters. Here are ten ways in which effective public relations can impact […]

Five Ways To Raise Your Profile In 2023

If you want 2023 to be the year that you and your company raise your profile and go to the next level, here are some action-ready steps to take. 1. Believe that you deserve this There may be hundreds if not thousands of other individuals in your profession. Think about what you’ve accomplished and the […]

Will Southwest Recover From Their Latest PR Crisis?

For passengers who are booked with Southwest Airlines this week, the much-needed conclusion to the carrier’s troubles is still several agonizing days away. Anger over the tidal wave of cancellations of Southwest Airlines flights continued to mount Thursday. Senior officials demanded action as the company issued further apologies for the crisis which is now in […]

Will Bob Iger’s Return Help To Restore Disney’s Reputation?

Bob Iger, one of the most successful CEOs in the history of The Walt Disney Company, is returning to once again run the media empire. It’s a shocking development at Hollywood’s biggest company. Bob Chapek, who replaced Iger in 2020 as CEO, is stepping down immediately. In contrast, Chapek’s tenure at the helm of Disney […]

Five Ways How PR Can Help Prepare Your Upcoming Run For Congress

Five Ways How PR Can Help Prepare Your Upcoming Run For Congress Public relations plays a crucial role in helping individuals prepare to run for Congress in the United States. Effective PR strategies can help individuals build their brand, shape public opinion, and connect with the community, all of which are instrumental for success in […]

Forbes Magazine Names Goldman McCormick PR As One Of America’s Best PR Agencies

Forbes Magazine has named Goldman McCormick PR as one of America’s Best PR Agencies (LINK: ) According to Forbes, they surveyed more than 12,700 experts and 20,500 customers who nominated more than 5,000 firms. We made the shortlist and are named alongside Edelman PR. It was a pleasant surprise. In 2020, our firm managed […]

Should CEO’s Share Their Political & Religious Beliefs On Social Media?

According to a recent Glassdoor poll of over 1,200 employed adults, 57% of workers say they have talked about politics while on the job — despite 60% saying they “believe discussing politics at work is unacceptable.” Overall, 60% of employees said they believe discussing politics at work could negatively impact their career opportunities. Citation Link: […]

Simon Saved! Goldman McCormick’s PR Efforts Help To Free Dog Sent To “Death Row” By The Government

A Guilford, Connecticut dog (Simon) who has been in animal control lockup for nearly two years and was set to be euthanized has been released. This comes after prolonged legal and public relations efforts which saw frequent protests outside local government offices. Dr. David Young, who adopted Simon in 2011, said Simon was seized by […]

The PR & Marketing Brilliance of TV’s “Cobra Kai”

“Cobra Kai” creators Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitz, & Hayden Schlossberg should receive multiple awards for their brilliant, viral marketing campaign that captivated the minds of millions and gave everyone a second chance at childhood. Goldman McCormick PR’s Ryan McCormick appeared on the KAHI Radio’s Mary Jane Popp Show to discuss why Cobra Kai has the […]