4 Ways Your Law Practice Can Benefit from a PR Firm for Lawyers New York, NY Offers

PR Firm for Lawyers New York, NY

If a personal injury attorney or law firm makes a strong, positive impression on the public, they may be the first one somebody calls when they need legal assistance. It can be difficult to decide on a public relations strategy to achieve this goal. As a key stakeholder in your law firm, you might wonder if marketing, advertising, or public relations is the best approach. In this article we list four ways a PR firm for lawyers in New York, NY can benefit a personal injury law firm. We encourage you to call us at Goldman McCormick PR to learn more about how we can help you too.

  1. Improve Your Firm’s Public Image

In general, personal injury law firms can suffer from a negative public image. Not everyone views legal professionals in the best light. That is, until a member of the public is in dire need of legal assistance regarding an injury. Your immediate reaction may be to invest money in marketing campaigns in order to expand your reach. However, a more effective antidote may be to hire a PR firm for lawyers in New York, NY such as Goldman McCormick PR. We can help you build positive relationships within the community. With our resources and experience we can help your firm in ways that an expensive advertising and marketing campaign may not.

  1. A Message Instead of an Advertisement

Public relations can utilize traditional media to generate news or tell a story about a personal injury lawyer or law firm. One example is articles posted in newspapers and magazines written by personal injury attorneys. When the public sees an advertisement they can easily recognize that the message is Hire me! or Buy this! The intention of a PR firm for lawyers in New York, NY such as Goldman McCormick PR is to send a different message of This is who we are, the morals we stand for, and if you need us we can help! The latter sends a more genuine and supportive message as compared to an advertisement. If the public views your law firm as honest and reliable, that can help increase your clientele base.

  1. Using Social Media to Expand Your Clientele Base

Social media is used now more than ever for information and communication. A PR firm for lawyers in New York, NY can assist a personal injury attorney or law firm to expand their reach in the community. Goldman McCormick PR uses social media on behalf of our clients as a force multiplier to cost effectively build relationships with fellow New Yorkers and future clients.

  1. Public Relations Can Help Your Law Firm’s Bottom Line

Investing time and energy into public relations with the help of a PR firm for lawyers in New York, NY. Goldman McCormick PR can save you money in the long run even while increasing your client base. Purchasing full page ads and radio spots can cost a substantial amount of money. We can show you cost effective alternatives that may have far greater reach.

To an attorney attempting to raise their profile and that of the case they’re overseeing, there’s no better friend than exceptional public relations.

O’Dwyers: Goldman McCormick Public Relations helps clear Nick Hillary’s name in the press


When an attorney appears on radio or TV show as the legal expert on whatever current event (s) is topping the headlines, their credibility grows and millions of people learn who they are. It’s not uncommon for an attorney to see a surge in web traffic and spikes in inquires following their interview. 10 of 10 attorneys who understand the value of media list their press credentials on their website – often doing so in the first sentence “See on CNN and Fox News, Criminal Defense Attorney……”

To an individual seeking legal counsel, media credentials are an effective way to captivate their attention and stand out from their competition. In our experience, people feel good knowing their attorney is called upon by the national media to share their expertise.

Another value of PR to an attorney is a successful press conference. We’ve done several over the years and we’re never surprised at how powerful they can be or the results they can yield. If an attorney’s client is facing a grave injustice or has a story that resonates with millions of people, the press may take up their fight (they love being crusaders of justice and their viewers / readers / listeners love ‘em for it). Intensive media coverage has the ability to shatter immovable objects and sway public opinion – tools every attorney should have in their arsenal.

Attorneys who regularly appear on TV & Radio and grow their Social Media base (Facebook and Twitter followers) open the door to becoming future published authors, show hosts, and public speakers. In addition, an enhanced public image puts that attorney in the mindset of potential clients who could change the face of their law practice.

While there are many paths to success for an attorney, effective public relations can make the difference in how fast they reach their ultimate goals.

Contact Goldman McCormick PR today if you’d like to grow your media presence and client base.  You can fill out a quick contact form here or give us a call at (516) 639-0988 or (516) 901-1103. Learn for yourself how a PR firm for lawyers New York, NY provides can benefit your practice.

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