Client Testimonials

“This morning I stood at the precipice of either spending life in prison or finally going home to my family. Goldman McCormick PR is a big reason why I’m going home to my family.” Nick Hillary (father of five who was wrongly accused of murder)
“Powerful, connected, brilliant, dedicated, generous, and always gentlemanly. I can’t say enough about the effective PR and marketing genius of Goldman McCormick PR. Bravo and thank you for everything!” – Judith Regan / Publishing Legend
“Along with boxing legend Gerry Cooney, I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Goldman McCormick PR on the promotion of our book. Mr. McCormick’s indefatigable efforts resulted in far more PR opportunities than we could ever have imagined. Mr. McCormick was extremely responsive to emails (even on weekends), connected us with some of the top names in the industry, etc. – and did so with class, enthusiasm, and vigor. It has been an honor working with Mr. McCormick, and we encourage anyone in need of expert PR guidance to contact his agency immediately.” –  John Grady, LPC, LCADC, ICCS, ACS, NCC (co-author of Legendary Heavyweight Boxer Gerry Cooney’s book, “Gentleman Gerry
“Goldman McCormick are master PR producers. In an age when so many PR “experts” want to sit around and talk “strategy” endlessly, Mark Goldman and Ryan McCormick are pounding out placements. This team got me more than 100 talk show appearances in 24 hours, more than all other PR experts had done combined throughout my career. If you are serious about sharing your message to the world, then you should give these guys a call.” TJ Walker / Bestselling Author
“I have used Goldman McCormick Public Relations for various projects over the years and I can say they over deliver, every single time! They know the nuances of media and understand how to get the job done without all the nonsense you get from many other firms. I highly recommend this firm if you need to crank your message out. they are very attentive and easy to work with!” – Attorney David Schwartz
“Mark and Ryan deliver on what they promise. They sought out and obtained great opportunities for me. Professional and very good communication.” – Trial Attorney Byron Browne
“Great NYC PR Firm. Have been using them for years. Very professional. Great contacts in the industry.” Attorney Jonathan Bell
“I had the pleasure of working with Goldman McCormick. The connections they made and doors they opened were, and continue to be, highly valuable to me and my career. I am looking forward to working with them again very soon. They truly are the best in NY–and that’s not easy!!” Attorney Jill Stanley
“I’ve been working with Goldman McCormick oR since 2008 and NO ONE compares in the industry. They are my FIRST and ONLY choice. High value, high relationship, high trust is Goldman McCormick PR!” Matt Sapaula / Financial Adviser
“We had extraordinary success working with Goldman MCCormick PR. They helped get us in the largest national outlets in the world (including The New York Times).” Wayne Hsiung / Co-founder and organizer with the animal rights network Direct Action Everywhere
“Mark and Ryan have been publicizing my written work for over five years. They set up my YouTube Channel Corporation YOU and my Word Press blog which increased the sales of my book “Corporation YOU: A Business Plan for the Soul, exponentially. If it’s national exposure you seek, go with Goldman and McCormick!” James Dobkowski
“Mark and Ryan are professional, tireless and enthusiastic. They are accessible at all hours – ‘m not sure they sleep! There’s an amazing energy to working with them. It’s like being on a road trip with two good friends – the destination is whatever goal you hired them to help you achieve. While they both share many positive attributes, they each have a unique skill set that allows them to meet all of a client’s needs. They are down to earth; they take their work on behalf of their clients seriously but they don’t take themselves too seriously. I recommend them without hesitation!” – Marc Harrold, Attorney & Author of “White Noise: an ‘Acid Test’ for the First Amendment.”
“Simply put, Goldman McCormick delivers. They know what legal stories the media will like, they knows how to pitch them, and they have the contacts to make things happen.” – Criminal Defense Attorney Elizabeth Kelley
“Ryan McCormick and Mr. Goldman are the very best in the PR business. They are very intelligent, witty and ALWAYS professional. Mr McCormick and Mr. Goldman have a unique ability to tap into the heart and soul of our businesses and design the perfect “blueprint” for success. I highly recommend them to all of our clients!” Kerrie O’Connor
“Goldman McCormick is an excellent PR Firm and I highly recommend them. They did an excellent job getting the press to show up to my press conference.” Brett Schatz
“Mark and Ryan are just awesome! They really love the brands and companies they support and their attention to detail is excellent. We’ve had several radio and television appearances to date which continues to expose more people to our product and social mission. Strongly suggest using their expertise if you are in search of a super PR team.” – David Schoonmaker is the Founder of Chalkin’ Social.
“We enlisted the help of Goldman McCormick Public Relations to help us promote our book, Resistance to Belief Change: Limits of Learning. They did so by arranging radio interviews, TV commentary, soliciting reviews from relevant professional journals and high impact lay magazines, and through direct mail to relevant professionals in our field. These guys will help you get the kind of positive attention you want.” – Joseph Lao
“I worked with Ryan McCormick and Mark Goldman of Goldman McCormick, who provided public relations services on behalf of my law firm. Mark and Ryan were excellent, professional and efficient, and were a pleasure to work with at all times. They did a great job producing our radio show, and created many media opportunities for us, including television, radio and print interviews. I would highly recommend Goldman McCormick!” Reid Breitman, Attorney at Kuzyk Law, LLC.
”I’ve been working with Ryan and Mark for about a year now and it’s been the best year of my life and my career. Right from the start, I’ve gotten as much national media as I can handle. These guys have the contacts it takes to place you in the best media outlets. Having worked with other so-called legal PR firms, I can tell you, the quality and frequency of the work is unparalleled. Ryan and Mark are also a pleasure to do business with. They are so cheerful and energetic it’s hard to be a grumpy, overworked lawyer with them on the other end of the phone. Signing on with them was the best decision I ever made. – Janet Johnson / Criminal defense lawyer, Jacksonville FL
“Goldman McCormick are great publicists. They strive to meet their client’s interest and goals. Their many contacts in the media for legal commentary is a great benefit to attorneys” – Janell Weinstein, Family Law Attorney
“Goldman McCormick does a great job– They are always looking for good PR opportunities, is very responsive, and work day and night’ – Robin Bond, Former Prosecutor
“Holly Cow!!! I am stunned!! I don’t know if you understand the personal impact of being on 101.5 for me but that radio station is the gold standard of NJ Radio in a state that I grew up and currently practice in!! To be quoted on the evening drive-home on a Friday night during a show which was addressing the exact topic of what I was being quoted on during the half-hour news section and then to be referred to a “noted criminal defense attorney…” was truly amazing and surreal!!! To me, being on that radio station is better than being on any cable television station…although it is not nearly as great as being on ABC-NY News or HLN-CNN…!!! That was really REALLY an honor. I also want to express once again how very thankful I am of both you for your tireless work.. I find your work amazing and I am honored at what you’ve done for me.” – Greg Gianforcaro, Criminal Defense Attorney
“I chose Mark Goldman and Ryan McCormick’s firm to spread my message to a wider audience, and they really delivered. In the first month of our relationship, they booked me on 38 radio and TV shows. Mark and Ryan go the extra mile to get you in front of the media, and have always been professional, positive, and energetic in their efforts. There is no PR firm that can match their results, and anyone looking for a publicist would be remiss in not having them on their team.” – Joe Alton, MD / NY Times/Amazon bestselling Author
“I had never worked with a PR team before and did not really know what to expect. Mark and Ryan were amazing at training me to understand all of the media that they soon began to throw my way. From radio to TV to being quoted in numerous publications, they were with me each step of the way. They are both so supportive and positive and always trying to be creative and think of new ways to create media buzz. As a lawyer, I could not always be available for all of the interviews they were able to get for me and they were always incredibly understanding, which I know from other people working with PR teams is quite rare. Beyond these two guys being great at what they do, they are genuinely nice people and an absolute pleasure to work with. I have and would recommend them to anyone who wants more media exposure for themselves and their business.” – NYC Matrimonial & Family Law Attorney (Name withheld at Client’s request)
“Any time I have said to Goldman McCormick PR, “I don’t think that there’s a story there,” they have proven me wrong by getting it in the media. They know what they are doing.” Donny Moss / Animal Rights Advocate
“Mark and Ryan’s many years of experience position them perfectly to handle the intricacies of public relations for legal professionals. They’re passionate about what they do, they get results and most important of all, you can trust the quality of their interactions with the media on your behalf.” – Lenore Riegel, Esq., The Bloom Firm
“Whenever an author or commentator contacts me for advice about publicity my immediate response is: call Goldman McCormick PR. Mark Goldman and Ryan McCormick are an extremely effective public relations machine. They were key in getting my 4th book, Exposed: The Secret Life of Jodi Arias on the New York Times bestseller list. They have a massive contact list and great relationships with TV, radio and print media. Also, they are just fun to work with! Two really nice guys who know everybody in the biz!” – Jane Velez-Mitchell, National Journalist, Best-Selling Author and Founder of
“Mark and Ryan have been publicizing my written work for over five years. They set up my YouTube Channel Corporation YOU and my Word Press blog which increased the sales of my book “Corporation YOU: A Business Plan for the Soul, exponentially. If it’s national exposure you seek, go with Goldman and McCormick!”  – James Dobkowski / Author
“If you want a talented, well-connected PR team who delivers and makes things happen, then Goldman and McCormick are your guys. Not only are they reliable and efficient, but they are a pleasure to work with. They give 1000% to their clients and know how to make everyone feel valuable and important. They’re known and loved by everyone in the business. Hiring Goldman and McCormick are dollars well spent, and worth every penny! I can’t say enough great things about them. I truly love them and love working with them!!” – Dr. Robi Ludwig TV personality, psychotherapist, and author
“If you want your company or non-profit to get a lot of exposure in different media outlets around the country in a very short period of time, I highly recommend using Goldman McCormick PR . Our humane society was interviewed on approximately two or more dozen radio shows that we would never have appeared on without their guidance and help. We estimate that our message through their contacts reached an audience of several hundred thousand or more.” – Jeff Dorson, Executive Director of Humane Society of Louisiana
“Goldman McCormick PR is simply incredible. As a result of their tireless effort, we received national media coverage including in the New York Times. They went above and beyond, including answering phone calls 24/7 and working both late at night and on weekends to get the best results for us. Finally, their warmth, understanding, and ease-to-work-with match their extreme industry expertise. We could not thank Goldman McCormick PR enough.” – Brian Burns, Direct Action Everywhere
“As a real estate broker that owns his own company I searched for a PR team that can help expand my company and put my name and company in front of my pears and the public. I must have interviewed a dozen companies big and small before choosing Goldman McCormick PR. And I feel I made a wise choice indeed. In a short time they had me in front of millions of people and reaching out to even more than I had expect. They worked with me in every aspect and trained me on how to speak on the air both for radio and TV and how to represent my company to get the exposure necessary. They even pulled off an amazing feat getting me a 3 page article in a major real estate publication. If you are looking for a small team that will be with you and guide you every step of the way these guys are for you.” – Pej Barlavi, Owner of Barlavi Realty
“Goldman McCormick are really high octane guys. They give the impression they work 24/7.I often get emails from them at 1 – 2 am NY time. They are very diligent and caring and highly creative. I’m delighted with the PR work they have done for me over the last few years. I’d recommend them to anyone.” – Stuart Wilde, World Renowned Author & Metaphysician
“Goldman McCormick is the rocket fuel of PR. These two gentleman work tirelessly around the clock seizing ever possible opportunity to let the world know who I am. I’ve appeared on countless TV and Radio shows and seen an increase in business since working with them. They demand as much for you as they demand of themselves and couldn’t be nicer to work with.” – David Selig of Selig & Associates
“I hate to admit I’ve been in the media twenty years, but I have. Goldman McCormick is simply the best public relations firm I’ve used, and I’m happy to recommend them to anyone who’s looking for individual attention and real results. – Bob Bowdon / President of Choice Media
“Goldman McCormick P.R. has always been there whenever I have any public relation questions. They have referred me to many media outlets which has increased my exposure and business. Anyone needing public relations exposure should consult with these true professionals.” – Vincent Parco / Private Investigator & Reality TV Star  
“Goldman McCormick PR are that incredible combination of professional brilliance and personal integrity. Goldman McCormick is THE media relations team for anyone with an important public relations agenda. Simply put, they get the job done.”– Polly Franks, Founder and Executive Director at It’s Not Your Fault
“Goldman McCormick has been a gift from the heavens. They have taken my book project and exploded it onto the media scene. They are tireless, creative and know everyone of importance. And then they convince them to put us in the media. It’s not easy to keep up with his incredible accomplishments.” -Dr. Paul Schienberg, Psychologist & Co-Author of “You Can’t Afford to Break Up: How an Empty Wallet and a Dirty Mind Can Save Your Relationship”
“I worked exclusively with Goldman McCormick for years. Mr. Goldman has shown himself to be a consummate professional who places my project in top choice markets that have gained monetary gains. I do not hesitate to recommend their services!” – Demond Wilson, TV Veteran Actor
“Goldman McCormick has been an incredible asset and has done a remarkable job in enhancing my visibility on a national level. They are tireless workers with an incredible list of contacts and has, without question, advanced my career on a pace I could not have envisioned. Goldman McCormick is a vital part of my business.” – Rick Cerrone, Former Sr. Manager of Public Relations, NY Yankees
“Mark Goldman & Ryan McCormick are dedicated young professionals offering outstanding PR services at an affordable cost. I can enthusiastically recommend them to anyone seeking a dependable, well-connected public relations firm. Mark and Ryan have contacts at all the major networks and they work tirelessly on your behalf. I can hardly wait to work with them again. As we say in the South, they’re good people.” – Carol M. Swain, Professor of Political Science and Law / Vanderbilt University
“It’s extremely rare to find an agency that excels in the cut-throat field of PR while maintaining an incredible heart for people and charitable causes. Goldman McCormick PR is one of those very few agencies. Not only are they skilled connectors, but they’re also humanitarians who use their connections to benefit everyone around them. I highly recommend Goldman McCormick PR and their services.” – Elyse Archer Sales & Leadership Coach I Co-Host of Linking Into Sales Podcast I Keynote Speaker I Member of Forbes Coaches Council
“I have the pleasure of working with Mark Goldman of Goldman & McCormick as both a producer who looks for guests and as a guest who looks to be booked. First, he’s great in both capacities! He’s put Kim Kardashian on my radio show and placed my mug on CNN Headline News. Sure, there are other syndicated radio hosts on cable news, but NONE based out of markets like Wilkes Barre, PA. I attribute all of it to Mark’s 24/7 work ethic and his background as a tenacious TV and radio producer. Bottom line: he knows what the audience wants and will work with you to build your brand.” – Ralphie Aversa, Pop Culture Expert & Syndicated Radio Host Testimonial & Video
“I have had the pleasure of working with both Mark Goldman and Ryan McCormick. Besides being knowledgeable about social media and PR, they have always been above board with what is possible. They’ve also been respectful if I said I wasn’t going to be any media promotions for a time. They helped me with numerous radio interviews and designed a website for a new project. If there were additions or corrections for the website they were always prompt and effective. Besides, these guys are fun….A Scorpio and an Aquarius! There you have a hardworking, creative team. I heartily recommend Goldman McCormick.” – Constance Stellas / Best Selling Author
“Goldman McCormick is hands down the hardest working PR agency that I have ever encountered, let alone hired. They work tirelessly, 24/7, and clearly love what they do. As a person in entertainment, I am extremely grateful to have found an agency who is truly on my team. Goldman McCormick integrates traditional methods (national television spots, exposure in major publications/radio etc) with the latest in grass roots and internet marketing. If you’re looking for a PR group, start your search now. I guarantee you will be flooded with dozens of PR “experts” happy to take your money every month. If you want a team with integrity, endless energy and an ability to put you on the map and grow your presence all over said map, Goldman McCormick are the way to go.”– Comedienne & Future Emmy Nominated Actress Bernadette Pauley

Media Testimonials 

“I have called on Goldman McCormick many times with help getting the top experts on our program. I can always trust on Mark & Ryan to get back to me instantly with available and great guests. Their range of clients are top in their field, constantly informed and always have something to bring to the table. GMPR and their clients are easy to work with and drama-free. It’s nice know that I have someone like Goldman McCormick to call at any time and at any day for help.” – Ashley Papa, Fox News Guest Booker
“Goldman McCormick is a reliable and efficient PR firm. They think ahead of the curve, always tries to localize news stories and are creative with topics. They are a good contact or mind…and one I would suggest to others in need of a resource.” – Enez Paganuzzi Planning Manager at WNBC-TV
“Goldman McCormick & Legal PR Team are always ready to deliver great guests for national news broadcasts at the flip of a coin. Reliable and hard working never let me down.” – Lindsay Carlton / Booker & Producer at FOX News
“Goldman McCormick not only brushed up my on camera skills last minute with mock on camera interviews and feedback but also created my website within 48 hours turnaround. I came to them with time sensitive requirements and they worked over the weekend to make it happen. Love the results and they followed up with great recommendations for future needs. Highly recommend” – Stacey Widlitz / CNBC Contributor & Founder of SW Retail Advisers
“Mark and Ryan are two of the best media professionals in the business! They ALWAYS deliver, solid, fantastic, fun guests that are media savvy and knowledgable in every arena. They’re a must to have in any bookers rolodex!”  – Amy Doyle-former booker HLN/Fox news
“This is the best pitch I have EVER seen!! This is hilarious!!!!” – Caroline Blair | News Anchor, Spectrum News
“Goldman McCormick PR are great! Very professional and driven with five-star customer service!” – Elizabeth Trojian / Executive Producer of Yap Films
“If you need Visibility in the media world and beyond, Mark and Ryan are the only guys to go too. I’ve sold thousands of books, thanks to the buzz they’ve created for me.” – Kate Delaney / Nationally Syndicated Radio Host & Bestselling Author
“Mark and Ryan are well-wired pros. These boys know everyone in the media, and as far as I can tell, they never sleep. They are hugely energetic, dedicated to their clients and have smart story sense. They never waste my time and try to sell me boring crap. You have any idea how rare that makes them as PR guys.”  – Ellis Henican – Newsday columnist, television news political analyst, three-time New York Times bestselling author, and social media storyteller.
“Ryan and Mark consistently knock it out of the park. They represent more than clients; they are the gold standard when it comes to relevancy, timing and professionalism. Couldn’t trust anyone more!” – Chip Franlin / Host of The Chip Franklin Show KGO 810 AM in San Francisco
“Our morning program is less caller-driven and more of a news magazine. We feature between 8 and 12 guests each morning, speaking on both local and national topics of interest. Goldman McCormick has consistently connected us with engaging experts to speak on compelling subjects. Ryan and Mark give us the opportunity to talk with these fascinating people on a regular basis, and – should we ever choose to pass on a guest offer – they bear no grudge and just keep the opportunities flowing. Our morning program, “AM Baton Rouge,” has recently claimed ratings & marketing dominance against news/talk competitors and, in fact, is now the only live & local morning talk program in the city. Goldman McCormick’s guest opportunities are a valued weapon in our arsenal.” – Kevin Gallagher, Talk 107.3 FM, WBRP / Baton Rouge, LA
“In my time producing the number one talk show in Northeast Ohio (The Ron Ponder Show), I have used several media outlets that has not given us the service that we were looking for. with one exception, Goldman McCormick. Our listeners ask us how do we know so much about our guest and we tell them, it is all because of the information that we received from the outlet that we continue to use, Goldman McCormick. Your professionalism helps us to create memorable and intriguing shows and your fantastic people skills keep us coming back. Team Ponder would like would like to thank you and for all that you have done to help us have those Ponderiffic shows. Goldman McCormick, your professionalism and your people skills keeps our show with quality people as well as the information that is needed to make sure that our listeners are aware of the guest and their backgrounds. We will continue to use your services because of your concern to help others to be better, thank you Ryan from Team Ponder” – Stephon R King Sr. / Producer/ Ron Ponder Show on News/Talk1480 WHBC
“It hard to find a PR team who truly gets what we do as TV Producers. Goldman McCormick PR are that team. I think back to a client of their we actually could not use. They were representing a comedy show and had a comedian in our newsroom. Sadly there was a tragic story that morning, and not putting their client on was the call I had to make. They got it, and were extremely supportive about the decision. Others would not have been. That knowledge and understanding has gone a long way into building up a successful working relationship over the year.” – Eric Berlin, Producer at CBS New York
Goldman McCormick PR has been a great asset for my program, providing quality guests that are popular with my listeners. They are organized and sets up their interviews in a timely manner, sometimes on very short notice, and provides detailed information that allows for a better interview. I enjoy working with Goldman McCormick PR and would highly recommend them as competent professionals who are a credit to their industry – Jeff Crouere Talk Show Host at WGSO 990 AM
“Mark Goldman & Ryan McCormick are geniuses. As the former host of a nationally syndicated radio talk show, I have developed a personal relationship with Mark as he has booked many incredible guests on my show. If you are thinking about using another PR company, then you are stupid. Goldman McCormick PR is the best, and I will not take phone calls from other PR companies. I only deal with Goldman McCormick.” – Andy Dean, Nationally Syndicated Radio Host
“Ryan and Mark are two angels in the media world! Persistent with always a sense of humor in this dog eat dog world! Grateful for their support in our many efforts over the years in creating a positive impact in the world of animals!”  – Wendy Diamond / Animal Fair Magazine Founder & Founder at Women’s Entrepreneurship Day
“It is always a pleasure to work with the Goldman McCormick PR. They make my job incredibly easy and their guests (who they thoroughly prep) are always high quality. A particular service they offer is 24 hour access and they mean it! I especially value their help when I need a last minute guest. More than once they have helped me avert disaster. If you work with Goldman/McCormick you can’t go wrong.”– Peter Solomon Public Affairs Producer and Host 94 WIP RADIO AM & FM in Philadelphia,PA
“After working for over 20 years in Radio & TV I can honestly say I’ve never worked with anyone better than Goldman & McCormick. They know what a producer needs. And that’s because they’ve sat in the producer’s chair. Their 24 hour a day, immediate response approach is a winner! They are a great team with great clients and I just absolutely adore them.” – CJ Wheeler – Executive Producer
“I’ve known Mark & Ryan since 2004 and they are relentlessly passionate about taking care of their clients & the media. I’ve recommended people to them before who very happy with their results. They don’t chase after awards or personal recognition – all they care about if their clients are happy. Mark & Ryan are also big animal lovers and I enjoy working with them on my events for Animal Fair Magazine & The Humane Society.” – Wendy Diamond, Founder & Editor of Animal Fair Magazine
“Goldman McCormick is extremely reliable, creative and was a great source of interesting guests for our radio show.” – Myra Channin / Booker & Producer for the Joey Reynolds Show
“These guys go the extra mile to book quality guests and there is no better source for the times that I get those “last-minute” cancellations. THE most valuable contact in my Rolodex…a must for any serious producer!” – Gary Edsall, Producer, “Straight Talk”/WCEM-AM 1240
“Goldman and McCormick are the best in the business. They are able to meet my needs with almost telepathic skill, any topic, any time. They define “crackerjack.” – Steve Seidenfeld, Overnite Producer 850 KOA-AM
“I can always count on Goldman McCormick for not only last minute guests, but good guests as well. We always looks forward to working with them and using their people on 700WLW, Cincinnati.” – Paul M, Producer at 700WLW, Cincinnati
“Amazing! You guys never tell me no” – Branden R. Newsradio 1620 Pensacola, FL
“These guys are the most resourceful, responsive and professional media team I have worked with over my 30 years on the air. From articulate experts to celebrities, authors and pop culture icons, they provide the best guests when your audience wants to hear and see them most. They’re a cut above everyone else in the field.” – Ed T, Host & Executive Producer -The Big 810 AM in Orlando, Florida

PR Firm Testimonials 

“Working with Ryan and Mark was an absolute pleasure. Both are outstanding at what they do, and were able to support our PR Campaign with solid leads that turned into fantastic media. Both Ryan and Mark are also as we say in Australia ‘top blokes’. They are so easy to work with, went above and beyond many times and made themselves available at any time to talk through the campaign. Working with Goldman McCormick as an affiliate of Little Train PR has been one of the best moves I have ever made for my business. Goldman McCormick is a stand out choice when looking for a PR team.” – Bronwen Lane, Director / Principal / Little Train PR & Marketing
“Our firm has worked with Goldman McCormick for over four years now … their team is friendly, honest, punctual … and they deliver results … I’ll say it again … they deliver results … “ – Steve Allen / President and Founder of Steve Allen Media
“It’s rare to meet PR people who have no BS, no attitude, yet are extremely well connected, smart and get excellent results. Mark and Ryan are two such PR pros and are true mavens in working with electronic media.” – Marco Greenberg, CEO of Thunder 11
“Mark & Ryan are caring individuals whose hard work ethic results in successful media placements for their clients. Both of these gentleman are always willing to help colleagues and eager to share connections. Mark & Ryan are proven professionals who are a pleasure to work with.”  – Pam Cordes / CEO of Cordes Public Relations

Intern Testimonials 

“The office of Goldman and McCormick is a treasure waiting to be found. As their junior publicist Ryan and Mark took me beneath their wings and made it one of the greatest learning experiences possible. They exude an undeniable passion for their clients and field. These gentlemen make it impossible to not become captivated by their loyal ambition. In a sea of PR agencies, Goldman and McCormick is fun, fresh, and pack`s a driving force. I am honored and feel fortunate to have had such wonderful mentors.” – Alisha Allen, CEO of Allen Enterprises

“The media world is constantly changing but Goldman McCormick PR is always a step ahead in the game. They create the most amazing events and provide outstanding results for their clients. My first day at my internship I was in the FOX studios bringing a client to be on air. I helped produce video elements, produce internet radio talk shows and have been to multiple TV studios in NYC. Throughout my internship I learned so much about public relations and how Mark and Ryan run their firm. Mark and Ryan are ahead of the times. They are always up to date on how to use the latest social media platforms to help promote their clients. They have years of expert knowledge in television and radio, which is what separates them from other firms. Other PR firms are stuck in the stone age, while Mark and Ryan are always coming up with the most creative ways to get the best results for their clients. They go above and beyond of what is expected of them and that is why they are a remarkable PR firm. Mark and Ryan have become more then bosses to me. They are my mentors and most importantly life long friends who will go out of their way to help and guide me. I am so blessed to have work with these extraordinary gentlemen.” – Jen Trout