Goldman McCormick PR Featured In The New York Post

(Courtesy of the New York Post) If Meghan Markle ever wants to work in Hollywood again, she can’t be “greedy” with her salary demands — one PR guru claims.

Ryan McCormick says it would be a “smart career move” for the Duchess of Sussex, 42, to return to the screen four years after fleeing the British royal family.

The comments come amid rumors of a reboot of her uber-popular legal drama “Suits,” with other cast members reuniting at the Golden Globes this past Sunday.

McCormick told the Mirror: “Being directly involved and associated with projects that are positively viewed is terrific for Meghan’s image and can also insulate her a bit when facing public criticism.”

“Meghan should be grateful for this opportunity and make it a point to be kind and charming to everyone down to the production assistants on this program,” he added.

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