From a PR Perspective Is Sarah Palin an Albatross to the GOP?

From a PR Perspective Is Sarah Palin an albatross to the GOP?

In terms of being the GOP’s 2012 nominee: Palin is an absolute albatross primarily because her negatives are already significantly high (and that’s before the negative campaigning begins!) and because about 45% of Americans (not including those within the GOP) have already pre-decided she’s not presidential material. That kind of public sentiment almost guarantees she won’t win. Also, she’s badmouthed Ronald Reagan and other favorable GOP icons which is terrible PR.

In terms of being a mediator between the GOP & Tea Party: Palin is fantastic asset and for the time being, she has a significant favorable rapport with the Tea Party (having successfully campaigned. If Palin bolted the GOP, there’s no doubt she’d take thousands of Tea Partiers with her.

In terms of being taken seriously by America: We think with every episode airing of her reality show, America takes Sarah Palin less and less seriously. We know our elected officials aren’t exactly the most respectable individuals however, we like them to at least pretend they are. Reality TV worked for “The Situation” but, it’s absolutely not the path to getting the codes to America’s nukes. Palin is an albatross to the GOP here.

In terms of being a standard bearer of conservative values: You may be surprised but, Palin is albatross here. The reason being is that there is a battle in the GOP now between Conservatives and Tea Partiers. Conservatives are routed deeper into the their religious and social values while Tea Partiers are routed deeper in fiscal conservatism & civil liberties while social values take a back seat. Essentially, the Tea Party is the disguise for the Libertarian Party. As Palin already has high negative ratings, she’s closer aligned to Conservatives than Tea Partiers. When Palin is attacked, conservatism feels the heat. As this battle intensifies and the Tea Party gains momentum, do not be surprised to see the Tea Party distance themselves from Sarah Palin.