Family Guy’s PR Lessons

Recently on an episode of Fox’s “Family Guy” Stewie Griffin became Brian’s Publicist and launched a massive media blitz to promote Brian’s new self-help book. While the show regularly entertains millions with crude, cutting edge humor there were some interesting lessons about PR taught in the episode.

Several scenes showed Stewie attached to his cell phone at all hours of the day and night talking up Brian to the press which is exactly what good publicists do – they never pass up an opportunity to present their clients to media that need them and they often sleep with their blackberry’s on their pillows (at least that’s what we do!)

Stewie got Brian on Bill Maher’s show (no small feat for a first time publicist!) and Brian turned out to be liar and a fraud. Believe it or not, this can happen in PR which is why Publicists need to know their clients inside and out. Publicists should realize that their reputations with the media are eternal while clients (as great and wonderful as they are) may not be forever. After Brian’s disaster on Bill Maher, Stewie should have immediately apologized to the producers and DROPPED Brian as a client.

Stewie unfortunately was depicted as the kind of publicist that the world has come know in the most negative perspective – a soulless BS artist. It’s unfortunate but, some people in PR are actually like that. At Goldman McCormick PR, we pride ourselves on giving the media NO BS 24-7  and always putting their needs above ours. As former Media Professionals ourselves, we see no reason to EVER lie to press – no good can ever or will ever come of it!

Of all the characters on Family Guy, picking the lesser of all evils, Peter Griffin would likely make the best Publicist. His pure likeability and penchant for idiocy towers over any falsehoods he would likely present to the press. In addition, Peter would ensure his client would never miss a media appearance as fans of the show know, he can be quite persuasive in getting people to do what he wants.