Bring Back Donny Deutsch’s “The Big Idea”

As American Economy continues to tank faster than the ’94 New York Knicks, a portion of our population continues to remain on the cutting edge of insanity by believing government will save the day. It will not. Sometimes the hardest thing one can do is accept the reality that only they can pull themselves out of their abyss. What will potentially spark 300 million Americans to realize that and realize that THEY are the key to their county’s economic revival?

Donny Deutsch

Not only is Deutsch one of the most successful entrepreneurs in American history but, he’s a master communicator. Deutsch’s old CNBC show “The Big Idea” featured hundreds of people from all backgrounds who were pursing the American dream. Many of these people came up with products that if seen by the right investor, could spawn hundreds of new jobs being created. “The Big Idea” showed viewers night after night how hard work, ingenuity, self belief, and passion could bring forth great financial success and total economic freedom. “The Big Idea” embodied everything that was great about America because it emphasized what America’s infinite and often greatest untapped resource was: American Ingenuity.

In an era where the rich are despised and class warfare is actively promoted, “The Big Idea” brought wealthy, middle class, and poor Americans all together. It was an economic melting pot of prosperity. Also, several CEO’s of major corporations came on the show to share their wisdom and inspire their fellow Americans to be successful. It wasn’t PR propaganda but, anyone could clearly observe that many of these CEO’s were sincere in their efforts to help.

Why the hell did this show go off the air? Why aren’t repeats of this show on 24-7? Why  aren’t the networks devoting 25% of their airtime to shows similar to “The Big Idea”?

Forget this idiotic notion that because the economy is so bad a show like “The Big Idea’” shouldn’t be on the air. Now more than EVER should this should be on the air because it helps millions who are the abyss of financial hardship to discover themselves and realize their true potential. Deutsch can also relate to several unemployed Americans after all, he was fired by his own Father.

Donny Deutsch can currently be seen on NBC’s Today Show often with Kathy Lee Kathie and Hoda Kotb giving relationship advice on their “Male Room.”………What kind of BS is this?! You got a guy with billions of dollars of business information, someone who inspired hundreds of thousands to better themselves, someone who can motivate people do be their best – talking about the differences between men & women?! This is like making a prominent brain surgeon take on the job of cashier at 7-11!

Deutsch can do whatever he wants but, 300 million Americans could really use him and the return of “The Big Idea” right now. Our nation cannot exit these economic hard times without reliance upon ourselves and embracing our American Ingenuity. Donny Deutsch can be that spark that puts our nation back on that path.