Public Relations Firms In New York, NY

Public Relations Firms New York, NYPublic relations firms New York, NY rely on can commonly be associated with marketing firms. Since public relations should be a nuanced, subtle touch point on each consumer. It is always advised to have a mix of in house PR veterans and an external firm to bring the most cutting edge strategies, while internal PR veterans have in-depth product knowledge. However, it is important to consider many factors when choosing the right group of all the NYC public relations firms. Some factors to consider when choosing public relations firms New York, NY residents love are:

  • Goals: a good strategy begins with establishing the end goal. What is it that you’re trying to achieve by hiring this firm? Some examples can be brand awareness, product launch, program initiation, etc.
  • Your Budget: A PR firm can help with an initiative but go over budget if the project requires it. So it is important to establish what your budget is with firms. A great tactic to maintain strong guidelines is to establish a monthly budget and to require written approval before going over the budget.
  • Size of the Firm: There are plenty of good reasons to choose one of the large public relations firms New York, New York companies repeatedly return to (global reach, massive relationship networks, fantastic experience). While a boutique PR firm may have different benefits (smaller, more closely knit teams, local expertise, niche industries, etc. (Learn about What are a few signs indicating that I have hired the wrong PR firm?)  Remember that smaller firms will value you as a big client, versus a large firm may see you as a drop in the ocean of vast clients. This could affect the type of service you get from each type of firm.

Once these parameters have been set, and public relations firms New York, NY firms have agreed to pitch your firm about the initiative you have discussed with them, you’ll need to take these things into consideration when interviewing each group.

  • Know your team: if you interview multiple groups through an RFP process, ask that the entire team that you will be working with to come to pitch your company. You want to be able to meet each person, understand how they think and test if they get along with your team members.
  • Chemistry: As mentioned before, make sure that the PR group gets along with your team members. You’re essentially hiring temporary workers, so your team and the group need to get along and be excited to work with each other.
  • Their ideas: Besides making sure that you like the team, make sure you like their ideas. They should be in line with your goals and be exciting to you.

Once you have considered these factors, you should be ready to hire the best firm for your company. This is an exciting time for any inhouse employees to sharpen their skills by asking questions and learning how PR factors into a company’s initiatives and what the PR firm is doing with your initiative. Additionally your other employees should learn for the next time you need to engage a firm to ensure an even better experience with external support. With these tips in mind, you will have a much better experience with one of the public relations firms New York, NY companies have used previously. Contact Goldman McCormick PR today for more information.