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What is the Difference Between Public Relations and Advertising?

The Value of Working With Public Relations Firms New York, NY Offers

Public Relations Firms New York, NYMany people believe that public relations (PR) and advertising have the same effect. They believe that if they use advertising then they do not need to work with a PR agency. Furthermore, if they work with a PR agency then they do not need advertising. However, PR and advertising fulfill entirely different roles for a company. It is important to understand the differences between the two to help reach your target audience and market as well as to achieve your company’s objectives. As a PR agency, Goldman McCormick PR has helped many companies achieve their goals in this way. Call us to find out how we can help your company, too.

The Role of a PR Agency

Advertising is the creation of paid promotions that are disseminated using a variety of media forms including print, online, TV, and radio. PR is strategically communicating in a way that builds relationships that are mutually beneficial for both the company and the public. A PR agency can help your company build connections with your audience and promote key messages. Consumers are much more likely to take note and believe information provided in an article as opposed to a paid commercial.

Here are the main differences between PR and advertising:

Paid vs. Free
PR: A PR agency creates strategies for your company to receive publicity in the media. We can use various methods to focus media attention on your company. This can be an effective means of growing public awareness about your company.

Advertising: The company pays for media outlets to promote them.

Message Control
PR: A company may be able to bring ideas of what they would like to promote about their company, however, they have less control of their coverage in the media. Journalists could write exactly what the company would like to have published or they may change the story entirely. Working with a PR agency is effective because Goldman McCormick PR can provide you with training to better control an interview and make the most of media opportunities.

Advertising: The company has complete control over any content that is promoted and where and when it is in the media.

Coverage Duration
PR: One benefit of PR is being able to send your PR agency a story idea and they can distribute it to multiple journalists that can publish it in a variety of ways. This would allow for the target audience to view the information about the company in different ways, which is helpful to reinforce the message.

Advertising: The company pays for a promotion to be shown as many times as they would like and that their budget allows.

PR: PR delivers information and stories to journalists for them to write articles about the company or their products. A journalist then presents the information, if they choose, in an unbiased manner and provide an endorsement from a third-party. The target audience might view the article as more credible than a paid advertisement. A PR agency can shape the public’s opinion of a company or its product.

Advertising: Advertisements are typically seen as less credible than media coverage produced by a PR agency. When the target audience views an advertisement, they are well aware that is has been paid for by the company wishing to sell them a product or service.

Target Audience
PR: PR professionals are able to communicate your desired message to the company’s target audience through a variety of channels. As a successful PR agency, we know how to reach specific audiences by choosing the most effective channel that offers the best return on investment.

Advertising: The company pays for an advertisement in a media form most used by their target audience.

When looking for public relations firms New York, NY companies choose Goldman McCormick PR. The reason is simple: it is important to consider the differences of PR and advertising to decide which may offer the best approach for your message. We can help you with this. Call Goldman McCormick PR today to find out how.