Meryl Streep Trashes Trump At The Golden Globes – Should Celebrities & Businesses Tout Their Political Viewpoints?

Unless your targeted audience or customer based is endeared to particular set of political values, there’s no reason ever to publicly tout your political perspectives. In the short term, you may experience a feel good ego trip as one or more individuals praise you for expressing values similar to theirs. However, in the long term you stand to permanently lose business and fans (recently as in the case of Meryl Streep’s condemnation of Donald Trump at the Golden Globes despite its warm crowd reception).

Whether you’re an actor or business owner, we think your number one goal should be to provide excellent service & value to your Fans / Customers. Unnecessarily evoking a negative emotional reaction from people by pushing your political values may drive them into the arms of a competitor even if you are the superior service provider.

One of the industries we highly recommend that people do not push politics in is Public Relations. A PR Professional not only needs to keep their reputation consistently credible & honorable but, needs to do the same for the very Clients they represent. PR Professionals can provide a great disservice to their Clients by pushing their personal political ideals as both the Public and Media may perceive Clients as having those same ideals (regardless if they do or not).

There are some effective ways for Celebrities and Businesses to make a substantial impact towards the political causes they believe in without Twittering up a storm. First step is to maximize your prestige and power by providing excellent service to as many people as possible. Appealing to all should have a positive impact on your bottom line.

The second step is to use the extra revenue generated by appealing to all and write bigger checks to individuals, political parties, and causes that you support. We recommend doing this quietly.

The third step is to simply carry your self with kindness, honor, and integrity. If you have political passions and yet, you’re not pushing them on others you might surprised at how many more people may give your ideals a second look because of how you conduct yourself. Mahatma Gandhi once said “Be the Change You Want to See in the World.”

Bottom line is that celebrities and businesses are better off not publicly touting their political perspectives. Sharing them among close-knit family, friends, and likeminded associates is a much better and more appropriate platform.