Political Polarization

I believe that America’s current political polarization has little to do with actual politics and is mostly about fear & insecurity. When people aren’t secure within themselves, they tend to deeply align (or annex themselves to) a belief system held by a group: A sports team, a political party, a religion, a movement. By becoming one with the group, their insecurities and personal concerns tend to get buried beneath all the concerns and activities that go into sustaining the group and it’s well being.

That being said, an attack on President Obama or an attack on Glen Beck or an attack on liberalism or conservatism is perceived (consciously or subconsciously) as a personal attack on the individual who passionately supports the group or belief system. In my experience, the people who get the most emotional over politics tend to be those who have unhealthy self esteem.

A solution to America’s political polarization which bitterly divides our great nation? Unconditional acceptance for yourself and your neighbor who will NEVER see the world quite like you do no matter how many pieces of evidence you can present which show that your way, ideology, or belief system is the “right” one. If our fellow Americans allow their talents, merits, and hearts to define who they are and not the beliefs for which they hold, we can probably live in much greater harmony.