Public Relations Firm In New York, NY

Public Relations Firm New York, NYA good public relations firm New York, NY believes in can change the public’s opinion. This benefits goodwill for the brand and therefore the stock price of a publicly traded company. Some companies don’t realize the value of a public relations firm in New York, NY until they’re in the middle of a crisis, in which even the best firm cannot be as effective as they could have been if they had guided leadership through the entirety of the disaster. For example, if they coordinate with the CEO before an interview, the CEO could easily turn public perception more towards his or her side. However, if a CEO makes a faux pas in the middle of the interview and doesn’t utilize a corporate public relations firm, he can find himself in dire straits with a sinking stock. Being that a majority of companies are headquartered in New York, a public relations firm New York, NY values is paramount to a strong stock performance.

A great case to study is Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks, advocating that there is a great need for a balance between moral obligation, profits and social impact. Starbucks has gained a great amount from being well known as:

  • One of the first companies to offer comprehensive health benefits to both full- and part-time employees, including coverage for domestic partners.
  • Starbucks started stock ownership and free college tuition programs for its workers.
  • It made a point of hiring people from underserved groups, including veterans and refugees.

These pursuits have gone hand in hand with starbucks rising as one of the best coffee companies around. The stock price reflects this. Additionally, starbucks is committed to having one hundred percent ethically sourced coffee. These facts are well known by the public because the public relations firm similar to public relations firm New York, NY utilizes.

NYC public relations firms are able to tap into their vast local networks to tell an unadulterated story to the audience that corporate leadership wants to communicate directly with. And having established good will before a reversal of goodwill can be lifesaving in a dire situation. When Starbucks nosedived as a company in 2008, Schultz got back to telling the story of Starbucks and the people who served coffee. He made sure that everyone in his company was able to connect with the public. To do this:

  • All counters were lowered so that baristas could be seen as they made coffee for customers.
  • Glass was lowered so that there was no divider that would discourage the barista and customer from talking.
  • Starbucks shut down for a day to retrain on how to make coffee with care.

In the end, Starbucks communicated through public relations, similar to public relations firm New York, NY firm’s utilize, on every level that they had refocused themselves on making the best coffee for their loyal customers. With each cup of coffee, they wanted human connection between barista and customer.

Essentially, Starbucks was able to do was utilize the good will that they established as a vehicle during their downturn, to propel them back to the to the message they had used before. All the public perceived was that Starbucks had forgotten their identity and later found it again. As a corporation, it is essential to have an experienced public relations firm New York, NY identifies with to make sure that your company has credibility. Contact Goldman McCormick PR today for more information.