5 Signs You Need a PR Media Company for Your Law Firm

PR media companies operate as business partners with your law firm to increase your law practice’s visibility and attract clients. An established PR firm can make a significant difference to your bottom line.

A public relations media company serves as a liaison with the press and community. Professional publicists can position your attorneys as experts in their fields and make them more approachable to people who need legal assistance. Even if business is thriving, a PR media company can help your firm maintain that success and groom it for future growth.

Low Rankings in Industry Guides and Online

It does not matter what the law partners’ pedigrees are and how many cases the firm has won. If the go-to resources people use to find lawyers do not include your law firm, you will likely miss out on acquiring new clients. When searching for a PR firm, look for one that ranks high on major Internet search engine results.

  • A savvy publicist may list your firm in industry trade magazines and guides.
  • They may pursues advertisements, free listing opportunities, and appropriate venues to submit ranking criteria of your firm.
  • They may work with your web designer or IT department to configure your website’s metadata and SEO keywords to rank as high as possible when potential clients search the Internet for an attorney.

No Social Media Presence

Most people perceive lawyers as serious professionals, and may even imagine they are not particularly social. Regardless of perception, the public often gauges a company’s success, even a law firm’s, based on their social media presence. If your law firm is not engaging in social media, clients are passing you by.

  • Some tidbits of advice and legal explanations that are included social media content can replace time-consuming phone calls to your firm about matters you could simply address online.
  • Visually-appealing, informative content you share on your firm’s social media pages can spread throughout your followers’ networks. This is a very cost-effective method of advertising.
  • A PR media company can help you significantly increase brand awareness of your law firm.
  • A PR media company can help you maintain an active blog. Fresh and informative content will almost certainly raise your trust factor among attorney-seekers.

Low Consultations-to-Cases Conversion Rate

If your law firm is competitive, you most likely offer a free consultation in-person or over the phone. This time adds up, so it should have a high conversation rate into actual clients. A PR Media firm can help you better target an audience of serious potential clients. A publicist can help you create a compelling message and powerful marketing materials to capture businesses and clients who inquire about your firm’s legal services.

High-Profile Clients or Cases

In small towns and low-circulation media markets, news spreads quickly. One of your cases or clients could be the subject of intense media interest and exposure. In big cities and high-circulation media markets, the odds of high-profile clients and cases increase substantially.

  • A publicist can prepare you and your high profile clients for press conferences, news briefings, and media interviews.
  • A PR media firm can work to make sure your attorneys are correctly quoted in the press.
  • Many PR firms will provide media kits with well-manicured company bios and headshots.

Veteran or Fluctuating Staff

A PR company works with a law firm’s partners and managers to keep the firm ahead of industry trends. They will work with you to create a strategy for defining your law firm’s brand and image so you can focus on what you do best: serving clients’ legal needs and winning cases.