Stopping Ahmadinejad’s PR Train

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad may be an evil despot but, he’s also a PR Genius and year after year he makes the American people, government and media look like complete idiots – this year was no different.

Amadinejad has one objective when addressing the UN: Raising his profile on a global stage by purposing saying outrageous & offensive things. Amadinejad does this to deeper solidify his relationship with America’s enemies (it’s kind of like a secret wink or high five he’s giving other supporters of terrorism). Amadinejad knows that the more headlines he makes, the more relevant he will appear to me – hence the more he will be regarded as a serious player on the world stage.

The American Media essentially delivers Amadinejad’s propaganda (100x better than he ever could!) on a silver platter to the world (and further enhances his message by being outraged by it).

The American People take Amadinejad’s bait by protesting his appearances to the US – hence, raising Amadinejad’s profile and his relevancy. The American people should really be protesting against the State Department – they’re the ones who allow state sponsors of terrorism to visit the US year after year and then stick the taxpayer with the security bill!

The American Government essentially allows Amadinejad (a head of state with a clear record of supporting terrorism) to spew hate & ignorance about America on American soil – something no other government on the face of the earth would tolerate. Again, Amadinejad’s profile is raised when President Obama and various members of our government publicly condemn his actions.

Does Ahmadinejad believe half the stuff he says? Maybe but, he absolutely knows what to say to provoke a reaction from the world: saying the holocaust didn’t happen, 9/11 was a conspiracy – these statements seem to be coming not from Ahmadinejad’s mind but, that of an Iranian think-tank or focus group.

If we want to win the PR battle against Ahmadinejad, here’s what needs to be done:

The American Media: Cut your coverage of this maniac by 80% – that’s it. Also, the political talk shows should severely limit their discussions about Amadinejad and focus on other world affairs.

The American People: Take the anger for which you channel towards Ahmadinejad and put that towards helping the Iranian People who’s been brutalized by his regime. Ahmadinejad’s wants you to respond to his message of hate with hatred of your own back to him. Hate does not conquer hate however, ignoring hate and filling your hearts with love absolutely weakens the foundation of hate.

The American Government: Stop letting state sponsors of terrorism come to the US even if it means pissing off the UN. If you insist that they must come here, let them pay for their own damn security. Also, stop making such an epic event of condemning Ahmadinejad for his outrageous statement and while you’re in the process, give him an embarrassing nickname like “Wuzzy Foo Bear” and constantly call him that. Doing that will absolutely tarnish Ahmadinejad’s respect in the eyes of America’s enemies and will knock his relevancy down quite a bit.