Justin Beiber Is Sick of His Screaming Fans

Tween idol Justin Bieber, (apparently fearing for his hearing), says he doesn’t want fans to scream at him, or for him anymore. Our PR advice to Beiber is to backtrack on those comments and simply wear ear plugs on future tours (or lose his hearing the old fashion way by attending a Metallica concert).

Mark and I feel Beiber’s pain as we have been dealing with screaming fans our whole lives. It’s a great thing to walk into a room where everyone knows you but, it’s a bit creepy when hundreds of people run up to you with “Goldman McCormick Rules” tatooed on themselves. However, we always, always tell our fans how much we love & appreciate them.

Here’s another piece of advice for Beiber: always keep fresh pieces of veil on you. If hundreds of fans ambush you, you can throw the veil and they’ll immediately chance after it. You’ll have at least 5 seconds to make a run for safety.

Another piece of advice for Beiber: Hire Goldman McCormick PR – you want people to know who you are don’t you?