Media Training New York, NY

Why Media Training is a Smart Investment for Professionals

Media Training New York, NYIf you are considering media training New York, NY professionals trust to help you improve your public relations and reputation, you may be making one of the smartest investments of your career. Communicating effectively and maintaining a good reputation are keys to having a successful career. New York media training can help you navigate the tricky waters of social media, messaging, and the press.

What is Media Training?

To put it simply, media training in New York, NY is professional training that helps you feel confident and in control when dealing with the media. Media training involves a number of trainings and practice exercises to help you stay on message and speak with confidence.

Align Strategy and Messaging

The successful media training New York, NY professionals utilize may help you define your position and dive into your strategy to make sure it all aligns with the company. The professional must align with the company and the message must align with both the company and the professional or the important trust factor falls apart.

A good media training session may help the professional to test your messaging and get objective feedback so you can tweak it as needed. The end result is a strong, confident message that aligns with the professional and the company.

Protect Yourself from the Media

They kind of media training New York, NY professionals rely on may help you be able to deal calmly and confidently with the media. The problem is that good reporters ask tough questions. They may even bait and trap you into something you aren’t prepared to answer.

Media training may help you be able to identify a bait and trap before it happens. Training may also help you stay calm and respond in a concise and confident manner to protect your reputation.

Respond Appropriately to Crises

As a leader, you are expected to be at the front of any crisis that breaks about your company or your industry. This is not an easy place to be because you subject yourself to high scrutiny. The media training New York, NY professionals turn to may help you prepare for a crisis appropriately so you respond in a credible, timely and transparent manner even when facing tough situations and aggressive questions.

Build Your Brand

Media training is more than just good messaging. Media trainers may help you build a cohesive brand that focuses on stories and visuals that tell others about your company. The media is more interested in a unique story than a perfected, canned message that reveals nothing about the brand.

What is the Type of Media Training New York, NY Professionals Need?

Many professionals in the greater NY area can benefit from, and indeed need, media training. Without it, they may not effectively get their message across and all too often damage their brand at the same time. This is avoidable with specialized training from Goldman McCormick PR. We provide effective and comprehensive training that is patterned according to your company’s needs, industry, and goals. Call us to find out more about how we can help you and your staff leverage and create media opportunities to your advantage.


Goldman McCormick PR: Experienced PR


At Goldman McCormick PR, we understand the world of media because we have worked within this industry for decades. We understand how they operate, what they want, and how to provide them with the information they need and to the benefit of our clients. When your key staff undergoes media training in New York with our firm, they will be taught techniques and methods to master the following:


  •         Understand the media structure from top to bottom, which will enable them to anticipate media opportunities and leverage them to their advantage.
  •         Understand the differences in preparing for interviews for television, radio, YouTube, online forums or blogs, and print.
  •         Perfect an “elevator” or 30-second pitch for media stories.
  •         Solidify their reputation as a “go-to” industry expert or “talking head” for media stories.
  •         Communicate a compelling message that best represents your company’s brand.
  •         Stay on task and deliver a message that is on point, focused, and memorable.
  •         Learn how to anticipate the difficult questions they will be asked, and have pre-considered responses ready in advance.
  •         Deliver compelling sound bites that may be used by multiple media sources.
  •         Develop a commanding presence on camera and in one-on-one interviews.

Why Our Media Training Methods Are so Successful

At Goldman McCormick PR, we have an intimate knowledge of how to match a company’s needs with what the media needs in order for both to be successful. We are not the average media training firm in NY. We invest the time needed to understand your company’s core competencies, strengths, branding, and goals for the future.


  •         We tailor our media training sessions to reflect your company’s needs—we do not “copy and paste” material and information from one client to the next.
  •         Every company is different, and our training sessions are customized according to what is needed.
  •         Our media training sessions can be as long or as short as needed, and be as numerous or as few as required.
  •         We prepare individuals for handling breaking news about their company, and how to control the narrative.
  •         We teach companies how to create newsworthy stories of events or important announcements such as executive staff changes.

Media training may be one of the best investments you can make as a professional to help you further your career and set yourself apart in your industry. Proper training may help you develop a story around your brand, create solid messaging, protect yourself from aggressive reports, and respond appropriately under pressure to crises. When you are looking for training, turn to media training New York, NY professional trust at Goldman McCormick PR by calling (516) 639-0988.

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