Mark Goldman

Media Relations Specialist

Mark Goldman is Co-Founder & Media Relations Specialist at Goldman McCormick Public Relations.

For several years Mark was a producer on Court TV’s morning radio show on Sirius XM hosted by Vinnie Politan. He worked with hundreds of attorneys, law enforcement officers and legal analysts including Judge Alex Ferrer, Beth Karras, Jane Velez-Mitchell (former host of HLN’s “Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell), & so many others.

In addition to Court TV, Mark has served as the executive producer for radio shows on Business Talk Radio, and several New York radio stations.

With close to ten years experience working in the media, Mark specializes in Radio & TV bookings and provides various clients numerous platforms to convey their message.

With a deep passion for legal & breaking news, Mark’s exceptional at placing clients on prime time Television & Radio. He’s at news stations so often that many think Mark’s an actual employee there!