Common Misconceptions About Public Relations

PR Firm New York, NY

PR Firm New York, NYThe majority of people have heard the term “public relations” before and likely have their own interpretation of what it means. By definition, public relations is a process of communication that is strategic and aims to enhance relationships between organizations and the public. The role of a public relations company can easily be mistaken. Here in this article, we have answered a few questions about some common misconceptions that many people have about public relations.

Is public relations the same thing as marketing?
PR and marketing may be used together in order to help an organization improve their brand, but these terms are not actually the same concept. Marketing intends to sell a product or service to the public. On the other hand, public relations simply wants to build relationships that are equally beneficial. The intention of a great PR firm in New York, NY is to create an environment in which sales and marketing can flourish.

Is public relations only useful when working with the media?
PR firms and professionals do write and submit news releases in addition to building relationships with representatives in the media. However, this is only a very small role that a public relations professional may play. The larger goal of public relations is to get a brand or organization reputation out into the public in a positive light, so all parties can benefit.

Is it true that public relations results cannot be measured?
This is a misconception about public relations, as it is possible to quantify public relations results to keep track of success. Two primary examples of public relations strategies that can be measured include media placement and social media.

Isn’t public relations more of an older approach?
In today’s society, we are so connected through social media and technology that more traditional marketing strategies are sometimes harder to spot. Public relations has been around for a very long time, but can still be vital to an organization or individual’s public image. PR firms must keep up with the times and be able to utilize media channels when delivering news to their designated audience.

Is it correct to assume that public relations is all about how to spin information?
The term “spinning” refers to providing information to an audience in a biased way in order to persuade the public or achieve a certain impression. Quality and professional public relations companies believe in sharing accurate information and stories to the public. Public relations professionals should be strategic in the delivery of messages, but not in a deceitful way. Instead of lying or stretching truth, the goal is to deliver messages so audiences easily understand and accurately interpret the information as intended.

Why would a company want to seek help from a public relations professional?
A PR firm New York, NY businesses trust can help a company build a more effective campaign in order to achieve success in its industry. Public image is key to the success of a company or individual in the spotlight. A public relations professional understands just how vital public perspective matters when it comes to the progress or failure of a brand.

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