Public Relations Firm New York, NY

When you’re looking for a public relations firm New York, NY has a broad range to choose from. It’s important you take your time to find one that resonates with your own needs. Goldman McCormick Public Relations understands the importance of good PR and from starts-ups and non-profits to fortune companies we are able to tell a story that connects, inspires, and leaves a memorable imprint. If you’re not sure how a New York public relations firm might be of value, consider some of the most common questions and their respective answers.

Public Relations firm New York, NY Offers Answers to the Most Common Questions

What is PR?

Public relations are a special form of management that is concerned with all facets of an entities’ reputation and relationships. It also comprises of sub-disciplines including media relations, event management, crisis management, digital communications, community relations, and so on and so forth. When you retain a public relations firm in New York, NY you can outsource a portion or all of your pr needs. Thereby, focus on other important tasks.

What are the benefits to hiring a public relations firm New York, NY provides?

Working with a pr firm such as Goldman McCormick gives you access to a cutting-edge team masterful in their ability to promote clients and protect reputations. A public relations firm New York, NY relies on for effective pr may work with clients to complete a specific project, support a campaign, or manage an issue at short notice.

How is Goldman McCormick different from other NY PR agencies?

At Goldman McCormick, we believe that every client’s organization and objective must be fully understood. We pride ourselves in being more than just tech savvy, clever writers, and creative minds. Rather we acknowledge every campaign, whether it involves social media, news outlets, or other methods of communication, should be executed for a clear and concise reason, and with your goals in mind.

Should I hire a PR firm with experience in my industry?

A pr firm with direct experience in your industry could help to quickly identify relevant channels for your business needs as well as implement industry-specific terminology into your campaign. It is equally important for a public relations firm New York, NY trusts to have the necessary skills to carry out your campaign. Ultimately to get an idea of whether or not you are a good fit with a pr firm, you should make a call for a consultation.

Does Goldman McCormick have media contacts?

Goldman McCormick has worked with a number of local and national media outlets, and because we’re a NY pr firm, we have longstanding relationships throughout the state. We also don’t believe in media relations program build upon “who you know”, rather we learn about and understand the specific media outlet to provide stories which coordinate with what they want.

I’m ready to talk to a PR firm, who should I call?

If you would like to know more about Goldman McCormick and how our firm may build growth, garner attention, and protect your reputation, please contact us. To schedule a free consultation with a public relations firm New York, NY relies on call (516) 639-0988.


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