Press Conferences

Press Conferences / Media Events

Have a new product or announcement that you would like love to unveil to the whole world? Goldman McCormick Public Relations can arrange a professionally organized press conference.

Press Conference Services include: Planning, Managing, inviting the media to attend your press conference and thoroughly preparing you to communicate with the media.

What are press conferences?

Press conferences happen when you or someone within your organization has something to newsworthy to reveal. Several Reporters are called together at the same location and time so that they can all be briefed at once. The individual (s) usually makes a statement or announcement first and then allows reporters to ask their questions.

Press conferences are designed to get positive coverage of an announcement by your organization. This announcement many include a new policy, product or service, or to limit negative coverage of a problem or disaster. A scientist may call one to reveal a discovery. A police chief may call reporters together to give details of a crime or to ask for public help in solving a case.

For Attorneys, press conferences are also a great way to bring to the public’s attention a significant case that you are handling.


The main advantage of a press conference to the organization / individual calling it is that they do not have to repeat themselves to several different reporters at separate interviews. It also means that their announcement will have maximum impact by being in all the media at the same time (assuming that all the reporters think it is newsworthy).

Another advantage to the journalist is that it reduces the chance of individual newspapers or broadcast stations missing the story. It also allows them to share the workload of questioning the interviewee. If one reporter forgets or overlooks something, another reporter will probably think of it.

To be successful, the topic or event should be newsworthy or of significant interest to the general public so that media outlets are more likely to send reporters to cover it.

Tips for a Successful Press Conference

Clearly define your key messages and relay them quickly.

Identify and vet your speakers and moderator.

Make sure your speakers have had professional media training.

Keep your press conference it brief — 30 minutes or less.

Build a media kit that supports the presentation so editors don’t have to write down your every word. The press kit should contain: a list of conference speakers, their titles and contact information

Create background information on the subject of your press conference (fact sheets, brochures, case studies, technical articles, etc.).

Start on time (and no later than five minutes); every Reporter in attendance has another appointment pending and won’t stick around if you run long.

The most important key to a successful press conference is having Goldman McCormick Public Relations manage it for you.