Traditional Media

TV, Radio & Newspaper Interviews

Goldman McCormick’s Traditional Media services include: Television, Radio, & Newspaper placement, Press Conferences, National Radio Tours, and Award Submissions.

Traditional Media encompasses TV, Radio and Newspapers. Regardless of how rapidly worldwide technology evolves, the “Founding Three” will always be an effective means for an individual or company to get their message out to the masses. We’ve built strong relationships with members of the Traditional Media over the years and every Goldman McCormick PR employee is a former member of the  Press.

Despite the common perception that traditional television is long past its glory days, the average American adult still spends a huge chunk of his or her life watching live television — specifically, over four and a half hours a day, according to a new Nielsen report.

Goldman McCormick PR works tirelessly to seek interview opportunities for you on National Cable News Networks and Local News. We extensively prepare you and help you maximize every second of air time.

Goldman McCormick has built strong relationships with traditional media over the years and each staff member is a former members of the press. Mark Goldman was a Producer for Court TV and several Nationally Syndicated radio programs. Ryan McCormick was a Producer for CBS and Editor for Long Island Business News. Their combined experience is a treasured asset to both the Press & Clients.

Despite an increasingly digital world, the vast majority of Americans still tuned into AM/FM radio each week in 2012, according to a Nielsen report released Tuesday. According to the report, more than 90 percent of Americans listened to radio each week, with the “average American radio listener” tuning in for over two hours a day.

Goldman McCormick PR is comprised of former National Radio Producers who have many established contacts with today’s top Talk Radio Programs.

Wan-Ifra’s World Press Trends report reveals 2.5 billion people read a newspaper in print regularly. That’s more than the 2.2bn who use the Internet, or who have the capability to get content on their mobile phone. More than 500m read newspapers both in print and digital form and 100m more read the digital version only.