Goldman McCormick Scholarship

At Goldman McCormick Public Relations, we understand the value of clear and honest communication within a community. In fact, we have dedicated our lives to helping entities big and small get their message to their audience and communicate well to those that need to be reached. We know that education is one of the cornerstones to building a community with clear and honest communication.  To that end, Goldman McCormick PR is proud to announce a $500 scholarship available to a student enrolled in higher education who exemplifies the same values.

Requirements of the scholarship are:

  1. Must be enrolled at two-year or four-year program in Public Relations
  2. Must submit an answering to each of the following questions: [short prompt]
  • Describe a time that you used clear and honest communication to resolve a complicated situation that helped strengthen your community on the whole?
  • How has this experience shaped your perspective and influenced your interested in becoming a public relations professional?

Instructions for students:

  • Please submit your brief, transcript, name, address, phone number, and email address to the following email:
  • Please send any questions to:
  • Scholarship application deadline December 17th, 2018
  • Award Announcement: January 2019