A Public Relations Firm New York, NY Respects Discusses Common Misconceptions About Public Relations

public relations firm New York, NYWhen it comes to the world of public relations, there are many ways people may misinterpret what this actually means. By definition, public relations is a way to build and enhance relationships in which both the public and organizations equally benefit. Public relations can be helpful for a variety of companies, individuals, and brands. Here in this article, a public relations firm discusses what a public relations professional actually does and in what ways this approach can be misunderstood.


Are marketing and public relations the same idea?
Public relations is not the same as marketing. These two concepts do greatly differ in definition but can be used together. Public relations intends to form new or sustain current relationships in a positive light, while marketing intends to sell a product or services to an intended audience. An example of how these ideas can combine is when mutually beneficial relationships are formed between parties and an increase in revenue is what results.


I thought public relations meant only working with the media. Is this true?
A public relations firm professional does not just work with press releases and news conferences. While it is true that a PR professional in New York, NY creates and submits news releases, this is only a small part of the overall job. A PR professional also establishes positive relationships with media representatives, connects a brand to the intended audience, and tracks the success of a brand along the way.


Is public relations more of an old-school, less technological approach?
Public relations has been around for some time, but it is not an outdated or unuseful approach. PR professionals must keep up with the changing times and understand how to utilize technology and social media to connect with an audience.


Can a public relations firm professional help with delivering messages to the public?
Yes, a PR professional can write and deliver informational messages to an intended audience or general public. PR professionals are responsible for sharing accurate information, without spinning the story. Spinning is referred to as writing a biased interpretation with the intention of persuading the public. A quality PR professional can create a successful and positively accepted story to the public without the need to stretch the truth or tweak facts.


Is there a way that public relations results can be accurately measured?
Yes, it is very possible to quantify public relations results in order to measure success. Media placements and statistics through social media are two main ways a PR professional can measure a campaign or brand progress.


Why should a company hire a New York, NY public relations professional?
There are many benefits to consulting with a public relations firm New York, NY trusts which can provide knowledge regarding relationships and communication. Here is a list of reasons why a Goldman McCormick PR professional can be helpful to a company or brand:


  • They understand the ins and outs of the media
  • They are trained in communication approaches
  • They understand a company may not have the time to do it all
  • They can help prepare for and manage reputation crisis