Public Relations Agency New York, NY

Public Relations Agency New York, NY FAQ

Goldman McCormick PR is a public relations agency New York, NY entities trust for effective media representation. When you need to build a solid foundation and create a strong brand, you can count on Goldman McCormick PR. To find out how we incite change and promote lasting relationships, please schedule a consultation with our New York public relations agency today.

If you’re looking for general information to help you decide whether or not a PR firm is right for you, please consider the following common questions and answers.

Why should I use PR instead of traditional advertising (i.e. commercials) methods?

A growing number of people do not tune into news and media outlets for their advertisements. Rather, these platforms inform, entertain, and educate viewers, readers, or listeners. In general, people feel that news stories are more credible than an advert — which is why businesses turn to public relations agency New York, NY offers.

I’ve never spoken with the press. Is there anything I can do to ease my “stage fright”?

If a PR firm is suggesting a media appearance and you’re feeling shy or afraid, you can consider taking media coaching sessions. These enable you to roleplay different situations under the guidance of a professional. Your body language, appearance, and tone of voice may be gauged and critiqued so that you may make any necessary adjustments, thereby allowing you to feel and sound confident in front of the press.

How should I measure my PR results?

When you retain a public relations agency New York, NY respects, your goals and objectives may be understood, measured, and reassessed at various stages of the campaign. When required, your campaign may be modified or expanded upon to better suit your overall ambitions. Typically, individuals and entities need between 6 months and 2 years of concerted effort to accurately evaluate the impact of good PR.

I have a special project; can a public relations agency in New York, NY help me?

Each PR firm is different and may or may not affiliate themselves with specialized campaigns such as celebrations, events, or conferences. Because these matters are highly individualized, it’s recommended to speak with Goldman McCormick PR.

I am looking to make a big impact, should I use a big PR firm?

A big PR firm is not always necessary to manage a large campaign. Boutique agencies and mid-size firms can offer the same services as a large firm, but at a more affordable cost and often with a personal touch.

Should I retain a PR firm that specializes in my industry?

Sometimes it can be useful to hire a specialized public relations agency New York, NY provides to specific industries. For instance if your goals are narrow or centered around one type of trade and media, an industry specific firm might be ideal. If your goals are rather broad, or you’re ready to surpass your competitors, a full spectrum pr company could be the right match.

I’m ready to talk with a PR firm. How do I get started?

Goldman McCormick PR offers complimentary consultations to individuals and entities interested in facilitating growth and a positive image. To speak with a public relations agency New York, NY has to offer, please call Goldman McCormick PR at (516) 639-0988.